Facing your fears

Recently I asked for an adjudication when I sent in a short story for a competition, to see how I fared and what I need to improve on. It is now two weeks since I got the email with the comments. It’s currently sitting in my Inbox, staring accusingly at me. I did open the email when it first arrived, excited to see the verdict of what I felt was a decent story, carefully crafted. Then I read the first sentence, quickly closed my email browser and haven’t opened the email again. Not one of my proudest moments. I always see myself as someone who tackle a problem straight on, holding a quickly written plan of action in my hand. Not so much this time. I am trying (and failing) to convince myself that any of these days, I will grow a thick skin and just get on with it.

Maybe next week…

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2 Responses to Facing your fears

  1. Hey, hang in there, Josefine. Kudos to you for entering the contest. Many writers aren’t so brave. Take in the comments, keep writing and keep entering.

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