Absence makes the heart grow fonder…

…or something like that.

I have been absent again for awhile, mostly because of my day job. It has been a busy school term that is coming to an end in a couple of weeks.

I wrote this blog on a napkin at Pret while I was waiting to meet up with a friend for coffee. Because of outside circumstances I got out of my Saturday coaching session earlier and decided to call on a friend I haven’t seen in awhile. As luck would have it she had the time to see me, as her Saturday coaching was cancelled because of a school function in the hall she uses.

Pret napkins have many uses

Pret napkins have many uses

It’s a strange cycle we live by as a freelance coaches. Our work depends so much on what goes around us, which of course is the attraction for me. One week is crammed with regular classes, catch up on admin, covers and private lessons. Then the next week becomes silent with cancellations and no shows. Writing becomes a perfect supplement to this life which can be done whenever I have some time off. All I need is my computer or a napkin and I’m off!

By the way, #Happyhandstandday ! (yesterday).



It’s good for creativity, I find, to go upside down every now and then.

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