Child 44 – Great Movie

As many writers do, I read a lot, and when I hear that a book I enjoyed is opted for a movie, I get excited. Not only is this a great opportunity for the author to find a whole new set of readers, there is also the great opportunity for me to find a new film I love.

This past week I saw Child-44. Go and see it if you haven’t yet. It was great. There is always the risk of disappointment when a great book is turned into a movie, but I am glad this didn’t happen. It is a great adaptation, following the main themes of the book and the plot line is pretty much the same. I would always say, read the book first, and if you already have, go see the movie! It does help as well that I have a slight crush on Fares Fares, a Swedish actor I have seen in many good Swedish comedies and it was great to see him take on the role of a much more serious character.

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