Bath Literary Festival

Bath is such a beautiful city and a decent train ride (read: reading time) from London, which is why I wanted to visit again. I have been there once before to explore the roman baths, however the visit was short and I saw little of the city itself. What better excuse then to revisit when these past weeks it hosted the Bath Literary Festival.

Because of work commitment I missed some of the headline numbers. I would have loved to hear Kazuo Ishiguro talk about his new book The Buried Giant. I was thrilled though when I realised Sadie Jones would be there for the last weekend. The last time I listened to her talking about books was at the Chiswick book festival several years ago, in conversation with Rebecca Frayn. At the signing afterwards they encouraged me to keep writing and then show it to someone. It was such an inspiration to me at the time, and still is, to keep pushing forwards and not be afraid to send out submissions and show off my writing.

The event in Bath also gave me a reason to dig out Small Wars, Sadie Jones’ book I got signed so many years ago at the Chiswick book festival but never read and bring it with me on the train. It’s a compelling read about a subject I need to know more about (Cyprus in the 1950s and the emergency).

Reading time!

Reading time!

As always the train journey was far too short.

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