Yellow daffodils

Spring is here and it feels lovely in the warm London sunshine (I even wore shorts on my run today). I bought a bunch of daffodils and their lovely yellow colour is brightening up my desk.


Daffodils always remind me of the time in my innocent youth when I picked some daffodils for my mum from the common land, not knowing that they were not wildflowers but actually planted there by the town. Ever since I have been called the daffodil thief by my family and well I guess that is something I can live with.


I promise I did pay for these!

I am right in the middle of editing and it is quite a slug at the moment so anything that will brighten my day is welcoming. Perhaps I took on too much at the same time by editing two novels, one in Swedish and one in English, but my thinking was that just as when I wrote them if I get fed up with one I’ll switch to the next one. Now I feel though as if I don’t get anywhere with either. I have to make a decision soon, if one needs to take the back seat for a moment.

My only objection with editing is that it gives me less time to write anything new and there are always ideas popping around in my head that wants to be written. A short ten minute, free writing, idea burst though has helped that a bit. Thank you Karen!

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