Awards Fever

When the awards season gets buzzing there is always much talk about the book v. the movie. The last couple of years I have followed many of my favourite authors’ books getting optioned for films and I always feel I have to read the book before the movie. Then I watch the movie and end up being disappointed by paying more attention to what is left out from the book rather than the story being portrayed on the screen.

Few films have dazzled me more than the book version. Last time it happened was Philomena (the book written by Martin Sixsmith the movie starring Dame Judi Dench and Steve Cooger). Where the book concentrate on Michael’s life and the film concentrate on Philomena’s journey, I think this is definitely the way to go. Perhaps it is easier to do so in the non-fiction category where the two sides already exists whereas for a fictional story it might not be so and a whole new version needs to be created.

Anyway, I am not staying up to watch the Oscar’s ceremony tonight but will wait until the morning and watch the high lights that I am sure will be shown on BBC breakfast.

Go team Britain! in response to the lack of Scandinavian contributions and the brilliance of Benedict Cumberbatch, whom I think was overlooked at the BAFTAs.

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