Building a setting

When I felt stuck in my latest story (Escaping your past), I decided to take a trip to Dover. This is where my book starts, where my main character Jacob Petran drives off the ferry in Dover harbour in a lorry, supposedly delivering trees to a company in England. It is not a very big part of the story, and I had previously used pictures I found online. What was important to me though, was to get out of the house, away from the computer and see something new, something real. See a place where Jacob had actually been to.

I took loads of pictures, I was travelling with a bus tour and when the rest of the passengers took beautiful shots of the white cliffs of Dover, I turned my back to them and photographed the harbour. When I got home, I felt reinvigorated and could turn back to my story with new energy.

Sometimes it is important to spend your writing time doing writing-related things rather than actually writing (don’t forget to come back to your writing though!).

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