Save Mother Earth. Or are we too late?

I am doing research for a possible upcoming project, about the future world and let me tell you it is not nice reading. All the predictions for the future are grim, we have so utterly destroyed our planet that even if all carbon dioxide emission stopped today, we might still not get the planet back to reasonable health for us to survive.

It makes me think. I always thought that I was a reasonably eco-savvy person, I don’t drive, I take public transport, I don’t eat meat very often, I shower instead of taking bath. Collectively that doesn’t add up to much especially since I live in a house with very bad insulation and plenty of old energy wasting appliances, I fly home at least twice a year, I do my dishes under running water etc etc. the list can go on and on.

The second thing that really disturbs me are those people still out there doubting that it is as bad as some scientists say. Really? How can you be so blind.

An other thing that comes to mind is that there are so many predictions, but so very few viable solutions. I wonder how many generations it takes before we (including me, I am not just pointing fingers) change our mindset and realise the dire situation we and our planet are in. A long time ago I read an article about Rapa Nui (Easter Island), there used to grow trees on the island, but they were slowly cut down over generations and the author of the article contemplated, what the man who cut down the last tree had thought. Will we in a couple of generations time ask the same question?

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  1. Arphaxad says:

    The Earth is amazing machine that has survived for a long, long, long time. We, as finite humans, have no idea how amazing it is, and it is fun to try and figure it out, I love science. One that I have learned through my 4 decades on Earth is that mother Earth takes care of herself better than we can image. With that said, we should do our part to not waste our resources or abuse the world we live on. But we also need to respect that the world has survived this long for a reason.

    “The second thing that really disturbs me are those people still out there doubting that it is as bad as some scientists say. Really?” Let’s start here. Scientists are people and people are fallible, corruptible and greedy creatures. Playing the “it’s right because the scientist said so” game gets you no where fast. Now, scientific data on the other hand, is really great stuff. Just don’t trust the person reading it to you because it can be skewed to say whatever you want it to say, and I am a data analyst by trade, so I know how to make data talk.

    Case in point. “An other thing that comes to mind is that there are so many predictions, but so very few viable solutions.” Why do you think this is? It has been my experience that there is more money in predictions than in solutions. Doom’s day predictions can get you millions in government grants and tons of TV exposure for your new book, while politicians want you to leave the solutions to them. I personally would feel better if we let the scientists come up with the solutions, unfortunately that is not the way our governments work. Most solutions come from the private sector, research Elon Musk, but it takes a brave person to fund a real solution because it is really hard to make a living really solving problems of science. For an example, there is more money in making medicines that treat illness than in making medication that prevents illness.

    I have good news though. Mother Earth is doing fairly well over all. Get out of the city and go spend some time in Montana, Idaho, Florida, and/or Colorado. You can see that there is plenty of wide open land that is growing wonderful green plants that are home to amazing creatures, both large and small. I grew up in a city, I know how dead the world looks in a city. Getting out to the rest of the country for a long period of time taught me that the world is bigger than any city. I love this world and do the best I can to not impact more than I have to during my short life time here, but I do not kid myself that tiny finite creature called humans will be able to kill the titan of Earth.

    • jebjork says:

      Thank you for your comments Arphaxad, I appreciate your thoughts on predictions v. solutions as this will be part of the theme of my project.

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