The Professional Writer

One of my goals for this year, is trying to live up to the advises from Jack M Bickham’s book The 38 Most Common Fiction Writing Mistakes. The number one mistake according to Bickham, is to not see your writing as a professional. This of course mostly applies to writers who wants to get published one day, which is my goal.

My simple solution was to first figure out how many days per week I would be able to work on my writing for more than 30 minutes. I have deliberately said ‘work on my writing’ instead of ‘work on my word count/novel etc,’ this to make sure that all aspects of my writing is covered.

To make sure I follow my own advise, I set up a system in my trusty spread sheet to track the days I worked on my writing. So far, coming to the end of April it’s looking good and my system is holding up.

So here I am taking myself seriously, thinking like a professional writer, feeling quite positive about the future.

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