I am committing a cardinal sin of NaNoLand…

…I am editing……A big no, no in NaNo circles.

I have, however, a very good explanation for it. I am writing in English, which is not my first language and often what happens when I write quickly in English is that I do the same grammatical mistakes over and over again. This year, a couple of days in, when I read back what I had written so far, I decided to do some minor editing, after I finished my word count for the day. I never have time to edit as much as I write, especially on the days when I am attending a write-in, but I find that, when I go back and do minor changes, I actually gain a few extra words. I don’t do any of the big major stuff, where you cut out huge sections and move things around to make the story stronger, if I find things I don’t like, I leave myself a note to change it later. In the end, I hope this will leave me with a cleaner copy and a better understanding of my story as well. So far I haven’t ‘lost’ any words by doing it, so I take that as a sign to keep going.

Current word count: 39133

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