Habits and how to change them

As part of my ongoing training as a gymnastics coach (my day job) I spent the summer upgrading my preschool training to include British Gymnastics requirement (the preschool course I took in 1995 was not enough for BG to qualify me and I had to redo the course 18 years later). Now it’s time to see if I actually learnt something, tomorrow I have my practical exam.

What worry me the most, is how difficult it is to change your old routines. Even though you see the point in changing, it is necessary to continue to consciously make a decision to change, otherwise it is far too easy to slip back in to the old.

I find the same apply to my writing. I’ve read lots of writing books, and follow writing blogs etc., my inclination however, when I sit down to write is to go back to my old habits. It takes much practice to change your routines. Sticking at it all the time and make a conscious decision to change, is something very important I’ve got out of this course.

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