The almost holiday post

This was going to be a post about me going off on holiday in a couple of days time to celebrate my dad’s 60th birthday with my family.

Instead it will be a post about the pointlessness of crime.

I was looking at my bank statement online to prepare moving some money from my holiday spending account, when I realised that I am in red on my VISA card. I check the statement and see two unauthorized payments to EE T-Mobile. Thinking something has gone wrong with my mobile phone account, I call them up, in the hope of speaking to an actual person. After many options talking to an automated voice I hear the message: ‘Sorry you’re having problem, we can’t help you right now. Goodbye.’ and they hung up (I just love mobile phone companies customer service). Right away I get on the phone to my bank who puts me through to their fraud department, where a very helpful Scottish bloke cancels my card, order a new one from me and refund my money. I also need to contact several companies to whom I have standing orders connected to my card number. All this because someone managed to take out a meekly £30.00 from my account. I am grateful it didn’t happen a few days later when I would have my holiday fund on my card.

Now I will be stuck abroad without any bank card (how did people do it in the old days!?) Luckily since I am travelling with my family I am not in desperate need of a VISA card, but still I feel strange without the security of accessing the money in my bank with a plastic card.

Anyway, I have cleared my system now and I will go on and enjoy my holiday, knowing that when I get back, my new bank card will be waiting for me.

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