The beginning to a wonderful friendship

Some reflections from my trip to Madrid

When going to Madrid I was slightly aware that it might be a bit difficult to get around without knowing any Spanish.

So when I walked in to a bar the first morning, I looked around nervously. ‘Eh, cafe?’ I ask the barman, hoping for an easy ‘si’ or ‘no’ answer.

‘English?’ the man behind the bar answers with a large smile.

‘Yes, please!’ I answer relieved and he laughs.

First challenge of the day completed.

Coffee in Madrid

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2 Responses to The beginning to a wonderful friendship

  1. mawkingbird says:

    As long as you stay reasonably close to the center of Madrid, you should be okay… from my experience, the farther away you get from Sol, Opera and the like, the less likely you are to survive without Spanish skills.

    If you’re staying for a bit longer, try finding the San Gines Chocolateria near the Opera metro station! Their churros are delicious and their chocolate is divine.

    • jebjork says:

      I did find San Gines and their delicious churros!
      I was surprised that the older generation (30-50) were better at English than the younger generation, or perhaps more patient to understand and be understood.

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