My secret to novel writing

To clear my head, when I am stuck on something, I often go running. When I get in to the zone in my running shoes, inspiration often strike.

Now to a slight problem. During the winter, in my long-sleeved running jacket with pockets, it was easy to bring along pen and paper for all those important ideas sprouting. Going in to the summer months, I will have to figure out a new way to take notes, or come up with a really good memory game.

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One Response to My secret to novel writing

  1. Lidiya says:

    Hi! Great post! And thank you for the idea.
    I love both writing and sports. Running is a way for me to clear my mind, relax and get even more motivated but I haven’t used it as a way to think of ideas about my novel. I would definitely try that.
    You have the great habit of writing down your ideas. I also do that most of the times but in the case with running I would write them when I get back home (if I’m lucky enough to get some inspiration). This way they will mix up in my head in an interesting way and maybe give birth to new ones.
    Have a magical day

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