Short stories are difficult to write

I’m struggling to write a short story for a competition entry.

Writing to a specific word count, I have to be careful with the words I use and my problem is always that I want to say more than there is space for. I then start cutting, when I hit the problem of having to cut more and more as of course the links to the previous parts of the story, I cut earlier. I then end up frustrated with a story that has no real meat to it and just becomes bland.

I know the best thing I can do is not to avoid it all together but go back to it again. Looking at every word, every sentence and try to fit it all in. One day I will succeed!


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7 Responses to Short stories are difficult to write

  1. lexborgia says:

    It’s not difficult at all, don’t make it so. Don’t Approach it by trying to create a specific amount of words before-hand, just write your Story. Then look at it, patiently; now you can rewrite it to fit the space, and if that doesn’t work, and the Story is still too long then that story isn’t meant to be short: write a new one. It can only be written ‘after it is written.’ Just write.

  2. Penlateral says:

    HI, I know the feeling. Sometimes it helps if you let the original story rest for a few days without looking at it, and then come back with a fresh look. It helps me weigh up what is important and what is clutter. I agree with you about competition restraints. They can be annoying, but never let them ruin what you know deep down is good. Keep the story as it is. A time may come when it is ideal to publish in another venue. Start a completely knew story for the competition, what harm can it do other than help you pratice. You never know, it might win,
    What ever happens, keep up the good work, and never measure your talents on the weight of somebody elses rules.

    Take care
    p.s I may be wrong in everything I mentioned, I’m in the same postition as you. If I am, sorry.

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