Five things I keep with me for my writing

Inspired by My Two Cents these are my five things I keep for my writing.

Notebooks. Lots of them in all sizes, shapes and colours. I think I share this with many other writers, because of their variety in shape and size, it is so easy to bring with you wherever you go.

Coloured Pens. After notebooks, this is my other indulgence, which I can be rather obsessive about. Different thoughts, get different colours. My excuse is that I’m a visual learner and use the colours to remember impressions.

Books. To write you need to read, and I try to do a lot of reading in different genres. Also, commuting for more than hour each day, does require a stack of books to kill time.

My freelance folder. It has all the current material I’m working on (and some of the old, I can’t decide what to do with yet).

My computer. I’ve started to become more and more reliant on my computer, most of my work comes to life on my computer and I have a hard time remembering the years before owning my own computer.

So five things I would not like to live without as a writer. What’s your five things?

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