The tough questions

‘How’s your 2013 writing plan going?’ The question came from my brother the last time we spoke, I knew I shouldn’t have told him about my plans or sent him a copy of it. I should have anticipated that he will now regularly ask me for updates and knowing my brother he won’t settle for some wishy washy answer.
After some mumbling and blaming a cold that crippled me for the last two weeks, he comes to the second question. ‘When can I start reading your book?’ And I am once again reminded that I was the one who roped him into being my beta reader, which means he is actually expecting to see what I have written. I am not near enough to let him read anything yet, so there is another set of mumbling and bad excuses.
Not a very good conversation.
Now I am telling myself, no more excuses. Back to the plan, update my goals and keep writing.

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