Are you flying by the seat of your pants?

When it comes to what to call us writers, many words can be used.

What we are depends not only on what we write (genre, length, and so on), but also how we write.

I am an obsessive planner. I have a very clear structure of the story before I sit down to write. I know most of the things of what is going to happen, who is going to do what to whom, where, when etc.

Flying by the seats of your pants, slightly scares me. It usually means that you have no or very sparse outline and the story develops as you write.

I on the other hand, like to have a clear structure of my story before I start. To me, planning is all part of GETTING TO THE END. This does not mean that the story is rigid and can’t be changed, my outline is always flowing with the story, but it is there to fall back on if necessary. It gives me a sense of security and if things end up in a dead-end, I can look at my outline, go back to where I left the path, and find a new way out.

So what are you? A planner or flyer? Or maybe something different all together?

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