New Year’s Plans

I decided many years ago to disregard the hype of a New Year’s Resolution and make new year’s plans instead. Perhaps you will tell me it is the same thing but to me, I commit to a plan, whereas a resolution, especially a New Year’s one, is a vaguer promise, which means I have a tendency to break them.

During the first week of the new year, I take stock over what I want to do and need to accomplish during the year and then plan accordingly.

So here it is, my broad writing plan for 2013, I spare you the details.

— Finish a proper edited draft of Escaping Your Past (using my NaNoWriMo winning goodies to get it printed in time for my mother’s birthday) and make it good enough to send it out to an agent.

— Finish the first draft of my historical novel, Brothers at war (BiK), written in Swedish

— Finish a first read through of my chick lit/travelogue the GB Getaway

— And of course I won’t miss a new month of craziness in November.

Lots of finishes to do, so I better get started.

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