The End of an intense writing month

NaNoWriMo is over for another year and I am left with a very rough draft of a novel with a very unsatisfying ending.

I have learned one important thing this month. I cannot write a comedy. It was quite clear early on that the story was moving away from a comedy and into a more dramatic story.


Hmm, what to do now? Let the novel rest? Let me rest? Most likely I will go back to my other stories that have been neglected during November. Then I’ll see if I pick up this years NaNo story and do something with it, or put it away in the bottom drawer never to see daylight again.


Last round of statistics:

Total word written: 60 143

Total more words written than last year: 137 (total words 2011:  60 006)

Average words written per day: 2 004

Least word written in one day: 41 (28 November)

Most words written in one day: 5282 (24 November)

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