Failed expectations

I’m currently reading Brixton Beach by Roma Tearne, I started a few weeks ago, but then a whole lot of writing got in between, but now I am finally back to it again. The book is good, the story’s well written and everything, but what I can’t understand is the text on the back cover. I often read the back cover to get a feeling of the book and from there I set my expectations on the book. This is, paraphrased, what it says on my copy of Brixton Beach:

Alice Fonseka and her family leaves Sri Lanka for England, when a family tragedy strike. She grows up in London, creating a life for herself. 

Now here is the problem I have with this text and the book, I have currently read about 175 pages of the book, and the family is still in Sri Lanka. Although the father has left the island, the mother and daughter and most of the events are taking place in Sri Lanka. I turn to page 220 in the book, where the second part of the book starts, and finally it looks as if they are on the ship to take them to England.

This means that it takes half the book to get to where according to the back page is what the story is about. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the book, the story is good, but when I read the back page, it does set expectations as to what the book is about. At the moment, it feels like I am reading a very long prologue before getting to the story. Whom ever wrote the back page of the book, does not seem to have a grasp of what the whole book is about and that is a shame, as unfortunately it brings  the book down.

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