Inspiration from real life photos

I have spent that last days sifting (is it still sifting if it is done on a computer?) through photos from The Freedom Museum in Copenhagen. It has been part of my regime not to go nutty over my NaNoWriMo (WEBB) novel and to find some inspiration for my (non-NaNoWriMo) historical novel.

It is quite extraordinary to find this photo archive treasure. Yes the archive has only just over 5 000 photos scanned from their more than 60 000 photo IRL archive, but when you no longer live an hour train journey from Copenhagen it is a real treat to find it all available online.

Last Christmas we made a family outing to the museum and it was quite a place. If you ever visit Copenhagen, do take the time to visit the Freedom Museum for an understanding over the life and danger under the Germans during the Second World War.

Even more extraordinary was when I talked to my mother and made a comment about Danish hostility towards the Germans long after the war ended and she tells me that my great-grandmother (who was Danish) never could get over her hatred for Germans, especially since her brother died in a factory in Copenhagen during the war. (Mum, where have you been hiding this great piece of information!) Unfortunately she didn’t know very much more about the event because, as with many other things in my family, that was not something you’d talk about. But that won’t let med down, the historian in me don’t think it would be an impossibility to find out what happened to my great-uncle.

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